Ice Chairs

‘Ice’ chairs or Ghost chairs as they are known amongst the events industry are a really fashionable way to dress a room for a special occasion as, being made of clear acrylic, not only are they almost indestructible but they are almost invisible! Except when picked out in coloured lighting. The Napoleon ice chair is particularly suitable for a formal occasion as the styling is very French eighteenth century but the material it is made from is very much twenty first century technology.

We have a huge range of ice chairs available, from the classic Napoleon ice chair to ultra modern ones. One of the best features of ice chairs is that they go with absolutely any setting and if the room is small they give an illusion of space, as all you see at first glance is the tables. Using the new ranges of LED lit tables would make any room look like a fairytale.

Napolean Ice chairCamelot ice chair

Our Napoleon ice chairs are incredibly comfortable to sit on as they come with a luxury cushioned seat pad. They are very sturdy and of course always look crisp, clean and sparkling as there is nothing to scuff, mark or fade. If you want tradition but also want your room dressing to be very contemporary, the Napoleon ice chair ticks both boxes with style and affordability. Your guests will love the chairs because they are also comfortable to spend a whole evening in and your photographs will look stunning as the

Chamelot Chairs

The Camelot chair is a very attractive shape especially at home in an outdoor setting such as a marquee, because it has a bamboo effect, even down to the rails on the back of the chair. When it is made of see through acrylic in the case of the Camelot Ice Chair it looks particularly amazing, as the ambient lighting of the venue seems to almost gather at the ‘joints’ of the mock bamboo, giving a two tone glow effect.

The beauty of ice chairs is that the colours of whatever lighting is being used is taken up by the chairs and the struts and legs seem to glow from within. Lots of people when they first see them think they are lit up with bulbs, but the effect is totally caused by the acrylic construction. The skill in designing an ice chair lies in providing lots of points where the light can reflect back on itself and the Camelot ice chair has more of these than usual, wherever the mock bamboo ‘joints’ occur.

Dressing your venue with Camelot ice chairs hired from us will guarantee an absolutely fabulous effect. The chairs almost seem to light up the room and if you have any kind of concentrated beam in your lighting set-up, the edges of the chairs will sparkle as if they have been trimmed with crystals giving a truly magical effect which would be impossible to replicate with lighting alone.
White wash Camelot chairGold Camelot chairSilver Camelot chairBlack Camelot chair

Ghost Chairs

The comfortable and elegant Victoria Ghost Chair combines geometric, modern lines in the seat and legs with a rounded backrest that echoes the form of antique medallions. This versatile side chairs, suitable for luxury weddings and major award ceremonies; they have also been featured in numerous magazines and adds elegance and lively panache to a variety of settings.

This contemporary Victoria Ghost Chair is ultra modern while retaining a vintage feel reminiscent of the Victorian era. A statement set in creating the ambiance and luxury setting for any event.

Victoria Ghost chairLouis Ghost chair


Louis Chairs

The Louis Ghost Armchair combines a famously royal design with modern materials to create a chair with historical significance in a contemporary world. The Ghost Chair maintains the Louis XV style in appearance that creates a transparent chair and an illusion giving the Ghost Chair its name.

It has been recognised by many for its unique look and the designer of the Ghost Chair lives true to his Words quoting, a Luxury chair that can fit in any room setting.

Enjoy the luxury finish and comfort ability you and your guests deserve.

White Louis chairGold Louis chair