Napkin Hire

When setting a table for a Wedding or Event these days napkins rarely feature as part of the colour scheme or tend to be plain white. But there is nothing like sitting down at a dinner and having a crisply laundered napkin designed to match the well thought colour scheme, as it is always the finer details that make the biggest difference. But even before you get to that stage, the look of a table well laid with sparkling cutlery and high quality folded – coloured napkins for hire are a real statement of quality.

Available Styles

  • Primary
  • Satin
  • Brocades
  • Velvet
  • Gingham
  • Tartan

Napkin hire from Linen Suppliers will ensure that you can dress your table to look its absolute best. Available in all the fabrics in our quality range with the exception of organza, the napkins hired can be of the same material as the table cloths and runners or can be chosen to contrast. In the other fabrics – primary linen or polyester, velvet, satin, damask, suede (corporate), Alicante, moire, gingham and tartan – there are a host of colours to choose from, with an amazing thirteen plus white in the plain dyes alone. Teamed with each other or against the template of a pure white cloth, a well-chosen napkin can certainly make a splash.

By using napkin hire you are making a wise choice, as everything supplied is immaculately ironed and laundered and looks like new. Linen Suppliers are famous for only using the very best quality fabrics and the workmanship in our UK manufactured napkins and other table linen is superb. Buying napkins of this quality would be uneconomic and so napkin hire makes the only sense, whether you are an event organizer or a private individual planning a one-off special occasion event. Some napkins available for hire from Linen Supplies would be hard to source elsewhere, and certainly at this quality. Tartan and suede, for example, would be almost impossible to find in non-specialist shops and laundering them would be almost impossible for the private individual. Napkin hire means that aftercare is not an issue and as Linen Suppliers make it so easy, it is certainly the best option. If you are matching to a specific colour scheme, swatches are available.

With the deep dye colours of the primary linen napkins, matching corporate colours or those of a school or university is easy and makes a striking table setting. The corporate fabric napkin means that the conference table can quickly be transformed into the dinner table without any need to disturb the cloth, and the effect will be very stylish. Matching napkins to a runner with a white table cloth as background is a nice option for a less formal setting, especially if bright colours are chosen, but matching napkins to chair covers is a final touch which really finishes off a room.

Napkin hire is often something which is a bit last minute, but when using Linen Suppliers for your event planning, you can make the order along with everything else, as the prices and availability are clearly displayed alongside all of the other linen items on our website. Napkins should not be an also ran – using them as a starting block of your colour scheme and then playing around with colours, contrasting and matching, is a good way to make sure you get the effect which you are after.