Brocades Tablecloths

The range of sizes, shapes and colours of Brocade tablecloths for hire from Linen Suppliers gives any event organiser a great opportunity to dress a room for any purpose. The brocade fabric is very rich and looks amazing either on individual tables around a room or on one long table down the centre. With five subtle colours and white, there is something to match or blend with any colour scheme. Brocade table linen goes particularly well with a period setting and with weddings in stately homes and large hotels very much the trend at the moment, a room dressed with brocade pattern table linen, from cloths to napkins, would look stunning and completely right in the surroundings.

Avaliable Styles

  • Alicante
  • Regency Striped
  • Damask

Our range of Brocade table linen features Damask and Regency striped tablecloths.

Brocade is a difficult fabric to use if it is not of the absolutely top quality, as it tends to stretch, so knowing that you have sourced your table linen from Linen Suppliers who only use the best of everything is a real comfort. Lycra undercloths are also available to give extra weight if necessary. Brocade tablecloths for hire are not always available in colours other than white or cream, so the addition of ivory, green, gold and the very dramatic black is very welcome. All colours are available in the complete range of table sizes, both round and rectangular and also in napkins, overlays and runners, so mixing and matching colours or with other simpler fabrics is easy.

The brocade pattern is a classic and therefore is so easy to match; many patterned wallpapers in period hotels are brocade, and so by checking in advance anyone dressing a room for a formal dinner could achieve a stunning effect by echoing or contrasting with the wallpaper. This leaves a setting which could take quite elaborate flower arrangements with the brocade as a neutral background. Linen Suppliers are experts at the logistics of delivering exactly what you want and where you want it and – most importantly – on time, so you don’t have to worry about anything once the order is placed. We pride ourselves on working with the customer to achieve the look they want, so if you have time you might want to take advantage of the fabric swatches which are available, to make sure that the brocade tablecloths for hire are exactly the texture and colour you want – you will be delighted with the quality and weight of the material.

Brocade table linen is a good choice for any occasion, but perhaps lends itself best to the wedding reception setting, as it echoes the rich fabrics of many brides’ and bridesmaids’ dresses. Although not shiny, brocade has a subtle gloss which reflects light well and looks particularly good in photographs. It drapes well on the table and makes a very good impression where tables are very much in view, as in the case of the top table at a wedding.