Alicante Tablecloths

Alicante pattern fabric is a luxurious choice for a buffet as the stylised foliage pattern overlaid on the body colour means that the trimming on the table can be kept to a minimum and the space on the table maximised. With plain white napkins, a table dressed in Alicante table linen is a smart and understated effect which looks very good in any size room. Linen Suppliers have a stock of Alicante tablecloths for hire in five muted autumnal colours and they would be very appropriate for a formal afternoon or early evening event, where food was not such an important feature but where the tables would be occupied for a reasonable length of time; something like an awards event springs to mind, or a short reception for a wedding, when perhaps too much ‘bling’ is not appropriate. Certainly, the choice of Alicante pattern table linen does project a very sophisticated image.

Alicante Colours

  • Ink
  • Olive
  • Dove
  • Nugget
  • Copper
Graphics may vary due to users local pc preferences. For true accuracy it may be advisable to request a fabric swatch

Where perhaps satins and voiles are a light-hearted way to dress a table, choosing Alicante tablecloths for hire for your event speaks of something a little more sophisticated and would suit a book launch or something similar. Using the Alicante pattern to cover your tables and chairs would also suit an occasion with fewer tables, perhaps something where your clients or guests will outnumber the tables – a few scattered round tables, dressed in Alicante table linen with some plain white napkins and very simple flowers would make a statement of quiet sophistication. As with all of Linen Suppliers’ undertaking, your Alicante tablecloths for hire are made of superior quality fabric and will be delivered in pristine condition, ready for your event designer or caterer to lay on the tables.

Alicante fabric is very heavy and the tablecloths fall in natural folds. The Alicante table linen only comes in the round shape, and this certainly suits the drape of the fabric very well. It is a popular choice for people dressing a room for a use other than food and although the colours are muted and not a common corporate choice, if the product is to be the star of the event, then discreet tables around the edge of a room with Alicante table cloths to cover them do look very professional, but the fabric is hard-wearing and will not make people too nervous to sit at them, should the occasion call for it. Alicante tablecloths for hire are a great choice for almost any professional or formal occasion and their autumnal or neutral colours provide a background palette which easily adapts to accommodate any other colour scheme the client might wish to use and the colours blend naturally with almost any flower arrangement and look very well in bright light or candlelight. With a little redressing with napkins and sparkling cutlery, they can be transformed from afternoon tea tables to formal dinner ones without needing to change the cloths.