Damask Tablecloths

To many people, damask tablecloths are the ultimate in luxury table linen, speaking of high end catering at its best. The style of the weave makes slightly shiny or iridescent patterns on the fabric and looking along a run of rectangular tables dressed in damask you see a slight sheen as the light catches and refracts without the need for colour. White table linen never looks richer than when the fabric if damask. One slight drawback with owning your own damask pattern linen is the care issues; because the shiny threads are quite long and relatively loose they easily catch and if your damask is polyester as so much is these days, washing on a high enough temperature to remove stains is not always a possibility. This is where damask tablecloth hire from Linen Suppliers comes in; not only is the fabric absolutely top quality, but each damask linen hire order comes guaranteed as looking just like new.

Damask Colours

  • Black
  • White
  • Ivory
  • Mocca
  • Gold
  • Brown
  • Plum
  • Purple
  • Navy
  • Green
  • Burgundy
  • Rust
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Damask pattern is available in colours, but the most commonly found is white and is what gives the classic look. Because of the way it is made, with many threads in the weave, it is very heavy and lies beautifully flat on the table and falls crisply from the edge. Whenever you see a napkin folded in complex patterns standing up in snowy peaks, you can be sure it is damask and damask linen hire includes all the accessories so you can dress your table from top to toe in snowy folds. Damask tablecloth hire from Linen Suppliers is a great way to give your venue the classic look which speaks of no expense spared, but at a very reasonable cost. No domestic laundry or ironing systems can cope with the heavy fabric, which needs to be ironed damp to give best results and then stored flat in airing cupboards to dry. The professional service available from Linen Suppliers when you use our damask linen hire service means that you get perfect tablecloths and accessories every time.

Damask lends itself to long runs of tables, but the cloths are also available in round shapes, which look great as tea table dressing if your event is less formal or in the day time. The smooth look and feel of damask table linen coupled with a light flower arrangement and a classic English tea with cakes on a stand, silver pot and delicate cups and saucers is a real statement of quality and style. With the advent of cupcakes as a food design classic, our pastel sugary colours would be set off beautifully by the smooth snowy linen and would make an ordinary meal very special. Many large hotels now make a special point of offering afternoon tea in the classic style and as a special occasion event it is becoming more and more popular. With damask table linen hired from Linen Suppliers, you can take your guests or clients back to the age of gracious living.