Regency Striped Tablecloths

Striped table cloths look very fresh and modern, despite the fact that the stripe was a byword in style in the Regency period – 1811-1820 – and so is more a design classic than a modern trend. The stripe is generally thin, showing a lot of the ground colour, which is usually white, and so the overall look is one of subtle shading rather than a bold statement. Regency tablecloths always look crisp and ready for business and would suit a corporate setting very well. With a variety of coloured stripe available, it is possible to incorporate the corporate colour but more subtly than is often the case, leaving the client with a general impression rather than oversell.

Striped Colours

  • Purple
  • White
  • Navy
  • Gold
  • Forest Green
  • Cream
  • Burgundy
  • Black

Graphics may vary due to users local pc preferences. For true accuracy it may be advisable to request a fabric swatch

The choice of striped tablecloths shows a lot of style on the part of the room designer and any event planner making this choice leaves themselves with a lot of leeway as far as other table dressing goes. With a Regency tablecloth as the base, the runners and napkins can be either the neutral ground colour or the colour of the stripe. Something that would look very striking would be a double napkin, folded to show both colours, or two runners down the centre of the table, with one slightly smaller or offset so that both colours show. Flower centre pieces featuring both colours would also look very stylish.

Striped tablecloths would look very good dressing small tables for a daytime event, and would suit something less formal such as an afternoon tea. There is something very timeless about a Regency tablecloth that immediately brings to mind a world of relaxation and life lived at a slower pace. For a corporate setting, a striped table cloth would look very good on a long refectory style table, if a plain runner was used down the middle to draw attention to a product or a set of plans, drawings or other visual aids. Striped tablecloths are particularly effective when used to display food or cooking utensils as the stripe is a commonly used design for chefs’ cloths or glass cloths and so the client is predisposed to put the two together and imagine a very stylish restaurant setting.

No matter what the fabric, a Regency table cloth does tend to look very freshly ironed and starched, and this effect can be used to advantage in a private function if the party or gathering is for someone quite young. For a christening party or equivalent, a Regency stripe table cloth in pink or blue would look stunning and not as fussy as many other table dressings for a similar occasion. If the venue is small, then a choice of Regency tablecloths would have the effect of making it look bigger, as stripes always draw the eye in straight lines like an optical illusion. No matter what the colour of the stripe, even a navy or black, striped tablecloths always look clean and crisp, because of the background being white, ecru or ivory.