Gingham Tablecloths

Gingham material is possibly the first dining out memory for most people; the bright check (usually red) in a cafe when you were small, being taken out for afternoon tea can make you rather nostalgic. Gingham tablecloths are such a design statement and have been so for many decades, unchanged in their basic concept. They are simple to weave and can be turned out by the metre relatively inexpensively. It is not just the pattern that makes gingham material so instantly recognizable; the weave is usually quite loose and the fabric quite thin.

Gingham Colours

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Yellow

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Nowadays, gingham table cloths for hire are made in better quality material that washes and irons well, and will wear better. The pattern is still the same, though, with the iconic check of deep red (or sometimes blue or green), white and, where the colours cross, a half-way house of a paler shade. This is sometimes attempted as a print, but it never works as well; gingham material has to be woven to be the real thing. Using gingham table linen is a really fun way to dress a room for any informal event and if you match it with ‘cafe’ food, it would be even more fun. A quick look around on the internet will get you some plastic tomatoes to put the ketchup in and with nice thick clunky plates and strong tea; you have the look and the taste. Gingham tablecloth hire will save you having to end up with yards of gingham material and although it is easy to source and not too expensive, hiring is still the best option.

Gingham table linen hire gives you the opportunity to mix and match the colours as well. Although red is the iconic colour for gingham material, it is also widely available in blue and green and less often in yellow or pink. Some variants can be found with printed additions, rosebuds on pink and yellow, for example. Cath Kidson uses a lot of gingham material with flower printed chintz and using gingham tablecloth hire as a basis; this would be an easy look to replicate with just small touches of florals in perhaps the napkins or a table runner. These extra touches could be hired, or could just be offcuts, often to be sourced quite cheaply in any local fabric shop or even charity shop. Red ribbons tied around a simply rolled napkin would be a nice extra touch as well, if the gingham material is to come up market a little, but of course to keep up the transport cafe idea the best thing is to stick to simple gingham table linen hire, some paper napkins and a sausage sandwich – but sometimes a little more luxury is called for and then the napkins can be linen and the sausage sandwich can be gourmet sausage on a nice lightly toasted ciabatta.