Lycra Tablecloths

When planning a special event, the most stylish choice for table cloths is definitely Lycra table cloths. Lycra offers a unique and fashionable option of table cover, with the option to choose fitted or loose styles in many different colours and sizes. Choosing to hire personalised table cloths for your event can really help pull together your event design and help to give it a sleek and stylish feel. Our customers, who have hired Lycra table cloths from us before, were attracted to them because of their simplicity and easy to handle nature – meaning that your decoration process is as seamless and stress free as possible.

Lycra Colours

  • Black
  • Ivory
  • White

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Lycra table cloths can be used for a wide range of events; such as wedding ceremonies, wedding receptions, christenings, award ceremonies, conferences and more. The variety of colours that we offer here at Linen Suppliers also means that you can tailor your order to fit your design specification.

What are the advantages of choosing Lycra?

Lycra is a flexible and easily manipulated material, meaning that you can choose the design for your fabric, and fit it to the size and style of your event furniture pieces. Our previous customers have used them to cover small cocktail table, large dinner table and conference tables – the possibilities with Lycra are endless. Because of the flexibility of this material too you can choose either a fitted or lose style and these two styles suit different types of events.

For a modern feel and a sleek finish, choosing to opt for fitted Lycra (or Spandex) is a great idea as this style personifies futuristic event design. For a more traditional event design choosing the sleek material of Lycra or Spandex is a great choice as the free flowing material is a beautiful addition to any room.

Another fantastic idea is to look at Linen Supplier’s Lycra and Spandex chair covers to go with your table cloths – this allows you to personalise your colour schemes and ensure your chairs and tables match.

More about Linen Suppliers

Here at Linen suppliers, we offer the very top quality of all materials, so when inquiring about renting Lycra table cloths (either fitted or non-fitted) you should also ask us about our Spandex tables covers too and our Poseur table covers – so you can rest assured that your final event decoration will be perfect and we have paired you with the perfect table option for your design needs. We don’t believe in providing you with materials that are only average or second best – so we strive for the best quality and highest grade materials

As mentioned we can tailor your package to your needs, letting you choose a variety of colours, sizes and styles, you’ll find the colours we offer on this webpage. Our great team will be more than happy to help you with your order specification when you book with us, so that all your questions and queries are taken care of, so if you’re confused about the differences between any of our packages, please feel free to ask.