Sovereign Tablecloths

Cotton tablecloths are a classic table dressing that sets the benchmark for style and quality. Our Sovereign range is made from the finest 100% woven cotton with a high thread count to ensure perfect drape and feel. A room dressed in our beautifully laundered and presented cotton tablecloths cannot fail to have a luxurious look of understated elegance.

Sovereign Colours

  • Black
  • Ivory
  • White

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Sovereign cotton tablecloths from Linen suppliers come in three colours, black, ivory and a gleaming and pristine white. There are napkins and table runners to match or contrast and the tablecloths come to fit round or rectangular tables. Although cotton tablecloths are such a classic was to dress a table, they are also quite a difficult choice should you attempt to provide your own. Cotton is an easy fabric to get squeaky clean after use, because it can take boiling water very well and – in the case of white only – can also be bleached, although this will eventually weaken the thread and spoil the texture.

The problem with caring for cotton table linen comes with the ironing. Cotton needs to be ironed damp and at high heat to be totally smooth and no ironing system except the professional steam presses used by Linen Suppliers can hope to get the desired finish. The cotton fabric must not be put away damp either, because mould grows very easily on the natural fibres, so dry steam generation is a must. If you hire your cotton tablecloths you will not have all of the problems of laundering and storage which are so very important to make sure that they remain in peak condition.

The crispness of a cotton tablecloth really cries out for a plain and simple table setting and a pure white table laid with our best Sovereign range table linen does look stunning, especially if teamed with silver cutlery ad gleaming crystal glasses. If you are aiming for a slightly less formal look, any of Linen Suppliers’ other additional table accessories, such as primary coloured napkins or table runners will offset the luxurious look and feel of the heavy cotton. If the event you are catering is a long one, such as a wedding followed by a less formal evening but at the same table, cotton tablecloths will see you through the whole day. The heavy fabric will not wrinkle or ‘walk’ on the table and a light brush from the serving staff when clearing away will return the table to that ‘just laid’ look.

There is no doubt that Sovereign range cotton tablecloths are the most stylish way to dress a table and whether the event is a lavish buffet or a simple tea party, the whole room will look amazing. Black cloths with a white runner would make a very elegant setting for a corporate event, mixing the formality of the fabric with the slightly unusual colour scheme. If the tables are to be used to display products or literature, a crisp and clean background such as only cotton can provide will speak volumes.