Tartan Tablecloths

Everyone worldwide recognizes the tartan pattern and most think it is strictly for Scotsmen, but this is not really so any longer, although most people who wear the tartan or decorate with it have at least a passing relationship with Scotland. There are literally thousands of tartans in existence; with more being designed all the while but most tartan table linen will be in one of the commonest, such as the Black Watch or Balmoral. It is possible to have a corporate tartan designed for you, or you can visit websites which enable you to design your own but having it woven would be extremely costly and it is better to just find one you like the look of and go with that.

Tartan Colours

  • Roya Stuart
  • Prince of Wales
  • Dress Gordon
  • Black Watch

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Tartans can be clan tartans – based on your family name – or area where you come from. Then there are hunting tartans, dress tartans, military tartans, royal and even mourning tartans, but few of these would be found made in the kind of fabric which would be suitable for table linen. It is best to choose tartan tablecloths for hire, as otherwise dressing a venue in this style is likely to be prohibitively expensive. Tartan material is correctly made from wool and the pattern is woven in by using differently dyed elements; this is how the tartans were developed in different areas, as the colours available would vary depending on the vegetable dyes the weavers had at their disposal. Most tartan material nowadays, especially that used for table linen, is printed rather than woven, which makes it much cheaper.

Tartan tablecloths for hire will probably be of polyester, which will give a nice drape, and will also be nice and crisply coloured. A red-based tartan tablecloth gives a nice bright look to a room and for Hogmanay it would go down a storm. Tartan table linen would look great by candlelight when the haggis is being piped in for Burns Night as well and you don’t have to be Scottish to feel very patriotic on such an occasion.

Queen Victoria was one of the first to popularise tartan as a furnishing idea and it can be seen taken to almost ludicrous heights at Osborne House and Balmoral. She and Prince Albert did rather go to town on using tartans in rooms, with tartan wallpaper, rugs, carpets, bedding and almost everything else being made of it. They would be very proud to see a room dressed today with tartan table linen! Used with discretion it can look exceedingly stylish and certainly warms up a winter dinner, whether formal or informal. A crisp white tablecloth teamed with tartan napkins and runner would look stunning in any circumstances and if you are lucky enough to be able to obtain your own family tartan material as table linen for hire, that would be a real bonus for any family gathering.