Velvet Tablecloths

Velvet material is second to none when it comes to looking rich and luxurious. You only have to look at old paintings to see how the fabric has been treasured for hundreds of years, as it occurs in portraits of the rich and famous as a special item either as clothing or background. Linen Suppliers have velvet tablecloths for hire in five rich colours as well as a deep and perfect black, all of which would give the most amazing background to any setting. Velvet material is very difficult to keep looking nice with repeated wear, so velvet tablecloths for hire are really the only way to achieve that flawless look. To keep the pile perky, velvet table linen should be steamed and not ironed and this is almost impossible to do in a domestic or even a hotel laundry setting. Linen Suppliers are experts at keeping all of their enormous stock in perfect condition and so any velvet tablecloths hired from them will be pristine.

Avaliable Styles

  • Plain Velvet
  • Crushed Velvet

Velvet table runners and napkins are also available and are a good way of introducing velvet material into your event planning without overwhelming the room. A simple runner down a table either over a table cloth or on a polished table would look very good, and would especially lend itself to displaying items for sale or for merchandising booklets or flyers. Velvet material has such a reputation for being expensive that the inclusion of it in any room dressing will immediately make guests or clients alike feel that no expense has been spared and this, especially in a corporate situation, will immediately predispose them to feel good about themselves, as a treasured customer, and you, as a generous host.

When choosing velvet table linen for a meal, you give a perfect background to the food being served and by sticking to plain white china the effect is very exclusive. It has to be said that velvet goes best with minimalist food – a plate of bangers and mash might be a little out of place on a velvet tablecloth, whereas a pile of delicate food dressed with just a slick of rich sauce would look a million dollars. Velvet tablecloths for hire from Linen Suppliers are deep dyed to give a luxurious lustre in their pile but if you are planning to match any colours it would be a good idea to ask for a swatch to make sure that the colour is what you are expecting. There are other fabrics in the Linen Suppliers range which would go very well with the velvet; an overlay of a toning organza would look amazing and as there are twenty five colours in the organza range there will certainly be something which would suit. Velvet table linen would be particularly suitable for a more informal reception, especially if the theme of the wedding is unusual, say a medieval or regency theme or if it is taking place in a castle or other older venue. The use of velvet is only limited by your imagination.